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Goodbye, scooter! What I will miss and won’t miss about you

My seven-plus weeks on a scooter ended last week, and it feels good to be walking full-time again. I’m supposed to still be in my walking boot … but, well, I discarded that a few days later. Sorry, Dr. Powell. … Continue reading

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2017 Redmond Derby Dash 5K: After-work run a good stress reliever

Friday night, July 7, offered two recreational options that appealed to me: The Cascade Bicycle Club’s Seattle Night Ride and the Redmond Derby Dash 5K run. I really want to do the Seattle Night Ride sometime, but the Derby Dash … Continue reading

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2017 Flying Wheels Summer Century: Got through 100 miles with a little help from my friends

The heat of my bicycling season took place over the last six weeks, and it culminated last Saturday (June 10) with the Flying Wheels Summer Century. The century is bicycling’s version of the marathon (though not quite as hard on the body, … Continue reading

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2017 Memorial Day weekend: Back-to-back bike rides fun to do, but selfish to try

Unlike road runs, the Seattle area does not offer enough organized bicycle rides throughout the year for me to do. So when two rides I like to do each year were on the same weekend, such as the Memorial Day … Continue reading

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2017 Ride for Major Taylor: Invigorating ride through an unfamiliar part of Seattle

In an effort to try a new event, ease my way back into bicycling, and see a part of the Seattle area that I don’t know well, I signed up for the third annual Ride for Major Taylor. Held last Saturday (April … Continue reading

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2017 Seahawks 12K Run: Seahawks’ involvement makes this event worth it

The Seattle Mariners don’t sponsor a road race in the area, and I wonder how popular it would be if they did. I’m a die-hard Mariners (dying hard these days), and I would sign up for it. But would thousands of … Continue reading

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2017 Chilly Hilly: Equal parts great fun and sheer misery

My sixth Chilly Hilly ride last Sunday (Feb. 26) was probably my wettest one yet. I continued to hope (pray) into the late stages of the 33-mile ride around Bainbridge Island that it would … Just. Stop. Raining. It didn’t — until after I … Continue reading

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