2013 Run with the Fishes: Football stress delays this post

LaborDayHalf2 LaborDayHalf3This post couldn’t get written last week. It’s because I was too preoccupied with worrying about how my alma mater and favorite team, the Oregon Ducks, would do against its rival Washington Huskies in Seattle.

Well, the game was Saturday and … we won! So life can return to normal, and I can finish this post. Not that any of you were on the edge of your seats …

I ran the Run with the Fishes 5K in Issaquah on Oct. 6, an event held as part of the community’s Salmon Days Festival. Only a few years ago, it was the Issaquah Rotary Run, with a 10K as well as a 5K, but was rebranded for some reason. I did the Rotary Run 10K  in 2008 and 2009, and enjoyed the flat course and the Salmon Days vibe.

This 5K was another great run, in sunny, dry weather and temperatures that reached the 80s.

Contrast that with a week earlier, when a wind-and-rain storm throughout the Northwest caused the cancellation of a 45-mile bicycle ride that I was looking forward to doing. Organizers of the Harvest Century ride west of Portland called off the Sept. 29 event for fear of tree limbs and power lines falling on bicyclists. It was a premature end to my 2013 bike riding season.

The Run with the Fishes at least partially made up for the prior weekend’s disappointment. I recorded my second-fastest 5K of 2013 — my not-so-swift 39:29 (12:44 per mile) was 14 seconds behind my best time, at the Seahawk 5K Run in April. I must say that I faded in the last mile, at least more so than usual. Full results are here.

This was a flat course around Gilman Boulevard and Front Street in Issaquah, and totally on asphalt roads. There were 1,083 finishers, including Microsoft friends Robyn Wilson and Jen Gaudette, who recorded outstanding times of 23:54 and 24:38, respectively. Congrats to both Robyn and Jen; Robyn finished 21st out of 618 women runners and third in her age group. Nice!

The only other interesting tidbit to pass on is that a teenage girl running a short distance ahead of me did the entire run dribbling a basketball. I hadn’t seen that before and was duly impressed. I hope she did it to get ready for her high-school basketball season starting soon.

What’s next: Back to the Washington Huskies. I will be supporting the University of Washington’s scholarship program by running in the Dawg Dash 5K this Sunday. But I will be wearing Oregon Ducks green-and-gold colors. Seems only fair. This is a run I’ve done five times, but not since 2007.

There. Done.

Till next time. Thanks for reading. Go Ducks!

P.S. The pictures are actually from the Labor Day Half on Sept. 2. But the weather for the Run for the Fishes was just as nice.


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I am not an elite runner or bicyclist, though I am friends with many. I run, walk, and bike for fun and the health benefits. I can get you to the finish but probably not to the Boston Marathon (and especially not to the Tour de France).
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