Getting my rear in gear: 5K walk PR, more training, more running

As part of my training for the Seattle Marathon Walk, I did the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Walk on Sunday, Nov. 4, at Marymoor Park near Redmond. I enjoyed the event and felt good about how it went — I ran about three-tenths of a mile or so, including the last stretch to the finish line, which helped my time.

I didn’t actually get what my time was until about three days later, do to a misplaced bib tag on their end. Though I felt good about my race, as I said, I was rather surprised when I learned my time was a PR for me for walking a 5K. My previous best was 45:51 (14:46 per mile pace) in 2010, well before my surgery; this was during a period when my ankle was starting to deteriorate and my physical therapist said not to do any running. I was in better running shape then and walked that race as fast as I could without running.

In last Sunday’s race, as I said, I did run a bit. My time was 45:08.01 (14:31 per mile pace). Though I ran a bit, this 5K included a small, colon-themed obstacle course that included ropes to climb through, bales of hay to climb over, and tires to run around (lame, I felt). The obstacle course slowed me down enough to perhaps cancel out the running.

Anyway, I feel my training is coming along, and today (Nov. 11), I did my last long walk before the marathon — a walk/run on the Sammamish River Trail. The marathon is two weeks from now, and next Sunday I am doing the Green Lake Gobble 10K Walk in Seattle as my final tune-up.

My longest walks for this marathon training cycle totaled 16, 12, and today’s 13.5 miles. I wanted to work in a 20-miler, but neither time nor weather would allow it. I walk between a mile and 1.5 miles every day, and have done a handful of other 6-8 mile walks, so I am confident I will be ready. My only goal is to finish what will be my 21st marathon, even if it takes me nine hours!

About today’s training walk: I tried out my brand-new pair of Asics from Finish Line at Bellevue Square. Thanks, Roderick (salesman), for recommending the arches as add-ons! The new shoes made running on my bad ankle much easier and less fearful. I ended up running about five of the 13.5 miles, though my running is, well, slow. But it felt good and kept me warmer in what turned out to be a pretty cold, wet, yucky day. It’s actually the most I’ve run in one day since before my surgery last fall.

Three weeks from now, it could be a really yucky day! Hope not. But I will get through it.

Thanks for reading. Till next time.


About monteenbysk

I am not an elite runner or bicyclist, though I am friends with many. I run, walk, and bike for fun and the health benefits. I can get you to the finish but probably not to the Boston Marathon (and especially not to the Tour de France).
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One Response to Getting my rear in gear: 5K walk PR, more training, more running

  1. johnswen says:

    I saw that run/walk advertised but wasn’t sure I wanted to run something called “get your rear in gear” to benefit colon cancer, with a colon-themed course. I already had my age 50 colonoscopy and it wasn’t pleasant!

    Anyhow Monte, I’m doing the Seattle half this year. So maybe I’ll see you there. Are you really doing the full 26 miles on your bad ankle? Hope you enjoy the loooong walk. I know you’d rather be running, but it’s great you’re still out there.

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